Welcome to Littlemoonrags


Due to some of the reports that a lot of scammers in the Internet use our pictures and video informations to cheat and resell. ATTENTION: This is the only website of Littlemoonrags. All the contact ways I have wrote in the contact page are the only ways to contact with me directly. You can check the TICA official Rgadoll Breeder to verify the website and my contact information.



Littlemoonrags  is a small in-home family cattery located in New Jersey, US.​ Our cattery is registered with TICA, CFA and FIFE. Our cattery is TICA registered as littlemoonrags, and CFA registered as littlemoon. All our cats are DNA tested with negative for FEVL, FIV, PKD, HCM. And our kittens will be vet health checked, up to date vaccination and deworming. 



We dedicated to nurturing high quality, healthy and beautiful ragdoll cats and ragdoll kittens specializing the traditional ragdoll color blue and seal, as well as cream, flame and lynx pattern, we have nice bicolor, point, mitted and tortie pattern kittens.

​Ragdoll is also famous by their super nice personality, they likes people and follow everywhere with you, which also be called "puppy cat", I also focus on and care a lot about the every personalities to my cats and kittens. My cats and kittens grow up with full of love and are raised in our rooms playing and sleeping with people and puppy.They are friendly with dogs as well.

We are closed cattery, not allowing visitors to come to my home to visit and play with kittens, because our cattery is a part of our family. Due to the cats and kittens, especially the pregnant cats can be easily influenced by the environments, I cannot take responsibility for the accidents in their lives. So sorry for refusing to visit. But we still accept and recommend our customers to come to pick up the kittens.