​How to reserve kittens from us


          Visit our website available page OR follow us on social media OR contact me directly.

We will update our website available page when kittens are available. Follow us on social media, we will also post the cats and kittens photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram. Everyone can track the availability kittens status and see their progress and development. Then you can just contact me by email for more information of the kittens that interested in.

          Join the waitlist OR Put the deposit to reserve a kitten.


If you did not find the kittens interested in or there are no available kittens, but want to wait for future litters from us, you can contact me to join the waitlist by email me with shortly introduce yourself and your preference of the color or the gender or the quality. 

If you do have see any available kitten you interested in and want to reserve the kitten, you should send me the deposit to reserve the kitten. (the deposit for reserving kitten is not refundable once you decided). We do accept deposit by Paypal (add extra 6% tax) or Zelle quick pay.

          Prepare new kitten's stuff AND get your kitten.

Before kitten go home, you should prepare kitten's supplies: The cat litter box, cat litter, food, bowls, toys, etc. We will send you the sample of their food. If you want to change to other brands, you can use the sample to transition. We prefer you come to pick up the kitten. If you are far away from us, we do shipping by cargo and courier, we would recommend to ship your kitten by our or your courier, the price for the kitten flight with courier in US is around $500.

The rest of balance should be done in Cash when you pick up the kitten or by zelle quick pay before the kitten leave or 48 hours prior booking the flights.

          After you get your kitten home

Make sure give them a calm environment and it can help the kitten to relax the stress from travelling to new home. I will send you a guide-paper with the kitten. If you are a starter, it can give you information about how to take care of the kittens.

Remember to make appointment with your vet and ready for his or her first examination. You can register your kitten with his or her TICA or CFA registration paper, it has the guide to teach you how to register your kitten.

Besides, you can send us the kittens' update pictures in their new home, we would love to hear you back and see how our kitten doing in their new family.


Our kitten price :

Pet Alter : $ 1800 +
Show Alter : $ 2800 +
Breeder : contact for more information

Deposit :

​Deposit is required to reserve a kitten. The deposit for a pet alter quality kitten is $300, and the deposit for a show alter quality or breeder quality kitten is $500. The deposit is non-refundable but transferable once you have your decision to reserve the kitten.

Payment Methods:

We do accept the deposit by the PayPal and Zelle. The rest of balance can be accept PayPal and Zelle, but better pay in cash if you come to pick up your kitten.

PayPal  account (add 6% extra taxes)
Zelle account (no % extra)

Kitten Information:

Our kittens will be available to reserve around 8 weeks old and our kittens will be ready to go home only after 14 weeks, usually around 14-18 weeks. Kitten will come with follow:

     Vaccination up to date ( usually 2 Distemper)
     Deworming up to date
     Spay and neutered surgery
     Health and vaccination record
     CFA or TICA registration paper
     Sale contract & Health guarantee