​Shopping List

​Here are the products that we recommend and used in my home for my cats and kittens, please remember to prepare before picking up your little cutties.

​Dry Food 

Instict Kibble+Raw.jpg

Instinct Raw Boost Kibble+Raw

Instinct Kittens.jpg

Instinct Original dry food for Kitten

Nutro Kittens.jpg

Nutro dry food for Kitten

Canned Food

Ziwi Peak Canned.jpg

ZIWI Peak canned food

Instinct canned.jpg

Instinct Original canned food

wellness canned kittens.jpg

Wellness canned food for kittens


Ziwi Peak air dried.jpg

ZiWI Peak air dried food

Instinct Mixers.jpg

Instinct Raw Boost Mixers

Instinct food TOPPER.jpg

Instinct cat food Topper

​Litter & Litter box

everclean UNSCENTED.jpg


litter robo.jpg

Litter Robot 3 Connect

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Everclean Multiple.jpg


cat litter box.jpg

Litter Genie cat litter box

Litter matt.jpg

Cat Litter Mat

Water&Food Feeder

water fountain.jpg

Ipettie Cat Water Fountains

cat food bowls.jpg

ViviPet Ceramic Food Bowl

cat bowls.jpg

Vivipet platform Pet Feeder

cat water bowls.jpg

ViviPet Ceramic Water Bowl

pet feeder.jpg

PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder